Sunday, November 2, 2008

Breakfast and bobbin'

We started our day with me making breakfast for the kids...Usually the teens are in charge of making the family breakfast when there's a group of them here, so this was a 'special' treat...we only had five teens spend the night (instead of the six I was planning on!)

After breakfast they cleaned up their mess in the basement and we started on finishing our party LOL...we did our bobbing for apples (excuse the container, guess I didn't plan it THAT well!)
Andrew went first, but Tyler and Harley had to help :) Photobucket

Then it was Harley's turn...Photobucket (I'm shocked he put his whole head in!)
He got, he didn't cheat, I just couldn't get the picture fast enough to show him holding it in his mouth! Photobucket
Troy got it on the first try!!

Rachel...well...she got it on the 2nd try...even though she said she'd never get one!

I got video of Kelly getting it on the first try too...after saying she wouldn't

After all these festivities, we split open the pinata...Watch for that post later today

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