Thursday, October 23, 2008

Throwback Thursday will return next week

I was so busy...I've cleaned the house THREE times today...and now that it's after 9pm it might actually stay that way till 7 tomorrow morning!

I took the kids to the zoo today. This is the first time Zachary got to go where he actually understood looking at the animals. He LOVED Bird World, the elephants, the big brown bears and the spider monkeys...I have some pictures to share and we'll see how much more my body can handle staying up...Otherwise, the pics will 'arrive' here tomorrow.

I have to send a special CONGRATULATIONS to my friend Nancy...who after too many months of trying finally got a BFP today!! Oh Nancy I am so happy for you and hope this one sticks and it's a happy, healthy uneventful pregnancy for you!

I have so many of my angel sisters testing this week...There may be some more congrats on the way! Some of that dust is bound to land here sometime right? I just need to be patient and hope my turn is just around the corner!

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