Saturday, April 5, 2008

A trip to the park....

It was a little windy and cold today, but I just had to get the kids out of the house. They all had a blast at the park...Lots of pics of Tyler follow!

There was a day when we couldn't get Harley to climb up the bars...Look at him go!
Harley Climbing

(see Kelly in the background?)
In a Tunnel (with Kelly following once again!)
I just like this picture
Enjoying being "up high"
Even Robert got in on the action. He and Kelly were vying for time with Tyler on the playground...
Even Robert got into it
Tyler really enjoyed the slide (see Robert in the background with the red sweatshirt)
enjoying the slide
Tyler LOVED jumping on the bridge!
Swingin' Ty
on the swing
Zac got to ride the swings with mom in his HotSling
Even Zac rode on the swings

And Tyler's got the bruises to prove how hard he played today...Now if only he would go to sleep and stay asleep! For crying out loud it's 11:15 pm!!

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Andrea- D06A said...

Wow. This is a funny-- Hadley was wearing that SAME SLEEPER as ZAC!! Great minds think alike!

Love you girlie!!