Monday, April 21, 2008

Thank you West Metro Fire Dept #10

yes, I'm a blogging fool the last two days...Can you keep up???

today on the way home from Creative Perspectives Harley decided he wanted to ride in the 'trunk' of the van. We were able to get him to move back into the seat but as soon as I started driving again, he jumped into the trunk again...

We were right in front of the fire station (and tried to tell Harley that the police were inside, but he's no fool!). Andrew went to the door and asked a fire fighter to come and discuss with Harley the dangers of not only riding in the trunk, but also of not sitting (and staying seated while the the vehicle is in motion) and wearing his seat belt...(I didn't get his name, darn it!)

It's unfortunate that Harley doesn't want to listen to our authority but will listen to other authorities...Sure, Harley suggested he would burn down and blow up the fire station, kill all the police and firefighters, but this wonderful firefighter stuck it through and explained how important it was to be safe and sit in a seat with a seat belt on. He waited at the van until Harley moved to his seat and put his seat belt on.

I sure wish I had gotten his name. Tomorrow we will drive by and drop off a hand written thank you note...

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