Saturday, April 12, 2008

Friday...Sqwaking like a Hawk!!

Harley woke up early...about 4:30 and started squaking like a hawk...I don't know why and he couldn't answer me when I asked...

It upset Zac so much...everytime I got Zac relaxed and back to sleep, Harley would start in again!

Finally, I told Harley he had to stop (not that I hadn't been repeating this since 4:30AM!)...When he wanted a good answer why, I told him that he was upsetting Zac. He still wanted to know WHY!?? So I told him that it's making Zac think there's a hawk getting ready to eat him and it's upsetting him....It finally made Harley stop...Till the bus arrived....Then he squaked all the way to the bus!!

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