Sunday, April 20, 2008

Diary of a crappy night-day-night

The going away bbq for Mel and her family was great! Everyone had fun...Tyler decided he wanted to get into the middle of a basketball game with the bigger kids and ended up being the basketball...He's got the knot on his head to prove it! (and his hand got stepped on as he skidded across the cement!) Poor baby...Although I had my camera, I didn't get any pictures!

Everyone complimented me on what a mellow baby Zachary is...Harley was on his 'bestest' behavior (just to make me look like a liar??)--I had warned the ladies just in case he decided to act out what they could expect with a large crowd and new surroundings...Andrew did his part and kept taking the baby from me...that made me feel like the other moms thought I was a lame-o always passing off my baby, but I didn't want to create a scene in front of everyone by bringing it to his attention. He was like, well you have him all week and I don't get to hold him often...OK...Whatever!

Zac slept on the way home...Tyler stayed awake...was working on only a 45 minute nap all day (he usually naps about 1 1/2 hours!). I think Tyler had a headache and was up about every hour till about 3:00 Sunday morning. Of course Zachary slept from the time we got home till 3:30. I felt like a yo yo all night long!! So I'm working on a grand total of about 3 1/2 hours of sleep! (broken of course)

I went back to bed about 4:15 only to be woken up again at 5:30 and decided it just wasn't worth my time to go back to bed...So my day started like a typical Monday...I started a load of laundry, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher (and ran it), swept the kitchen and dining room floors and folded the two loads of laundry that were waiting for me...Then Zac decided it was time to get up (6:30). At least I got 1/2 a cup of 1/2 caffeine coffee in me before he got up!! Zac has decided that today is the day he must be held ALL DAY LONG or he's gonna CRY! Ugh. How am I supposed to get anything done? I went to feed my little man breakfast and realized that the seat I usually feed him in was still in the trunk of the van...thankfully I had the bumbo seat! He ate his standard 1/2 jar of stage 2 baby cereal with applesauce and bananas. Tyler and Harley both got up at 7:00 am and my day was truly on the run! Andrew also got up at 7:00 and left at 7:30 for work....

I had to get the house cleaned the rest of the way because the OT was coming (at 10:00) and it was really difficult with Zac being a needy baby today (I am so not used to that!--Thank goodness for the HotSling!)--Ya wanna see something funny? Picture me holding Zac in the HotSling and picking up Tyler in the other arm and putting him in the high chair...oh my aching back!! Tyler ate his breakfast, which meant I had to sweep the floor once again (now that we no longer have a dog to eat all the 'droppings')...Harley decided he wanted Whipped Cream for breakfast...after all that is a meal!! (at least that's what he tried to tell me!). So I got to deal with him yelling and screaming at me for 1/2 an hour because I had to say no...ended up locking the refrigerator (we usually only do this at night!).

By 9:30 I felt like I would pass out and realized I hadn't eaten anything since 6:00 the night before. I gulped down a quick bowl of leftover pasta salad. I tell ya, I could've won an eating contest as fast as I ate it..but things had to keep moving. Andrew arrived home about 9:45 and of course, the OT showed up early...9:50...Oh well, only the kitchen counters hadn't been wiped down by then but they weren't doing cooking today so that was ok. After much yelling, screaming and crying, Harley got his haircut and a shower (that's what he did for OT today!). In the meantime I folded yet another load of laundry and got it put away.

The OT usually stays beyond Harley's therapy time to spend time catching up with the family...Today was no different. She and I talked about how Zac liked the bumbo she sold me and I showed her that he sits in it lopsided...The 'theory' is that because of his hearing loss in the right ear, his equalibrium is off...Then she starts telling me about how he appears to have _______ (can't tell you what she actually said)--she said it's a shortening of the muscles in one side of the neck. She showed me some exercises to do with him (which I have been doing). Then she looked at the shape of his head and suggested I keep him laying on his left side as much as possible...this kid can weasel out of any position, just to force himself to lay on the right side of his head...She said she will bring over a sleep positioner on Thursday and we can try that the meantime, I'm trying to use a blanket behind his back to put him in the side lying position...I guess it's one more thing to put on my list for the pediatrician on Tuesday...

Now it's 11:00...Tyler decides it's time for lunch...I didn't even realize it was that late!! OMG!! Harley decides he wants to eat a sandwich..with cheese, ketchup and whipped cream??? YUCK!! Yet another behavior ensues because we won't let him have whipped cream on his cheese and ketchup sandwich...*sigh*..Thankfully Holly helped me out and helped him make his sandwich while I was dealing with a screaming Zac and making Tyler's ABC soup...Where was Andrew? Helping me with laundry? Helping get rid of the piles of crap that drive me crazy that are all over the place? NO!! He's working on putting his fountain somewhere besides next to the sink..why? Because I can't STAND having the sound of running water like that right next to the kitchen sink...makes me think the water's running...besides I'm sick and tired of having my counters cluttered with CRAP!

Ahhh, Tyler and Zac go down for a nap at the same time!! More laundry to be done...folded, put away...In the meantime, Andrew decides now would be a good time to clean out the shed...starts bringing in boxes of baby clothes for me to go through and sort (they were already sorted, he just didn't realize it). Harley asks for more food...he just ate, so that's NOT gonna happen!! More behaviors...Then James (the respite provider) shows up and suggests taking Harley to the DVD Stop Shop...Harley gets all excited because he wants to buy the Simpsons Game (Simpsons are off limits at our house because Harley doesn't understand the line between reality and video games...and starts acting like the characters...all rude and stuff). When he's informed that he is not allowed to purchase or even rent it...he has a major meltdown and starts kicking, scratching, biting...I broke down and cried! I don't know if it was hormones, exhaustion, behaviors, what??? James CANNOT handle Harley (in fact, refuses to be left alone with him) when this kind of situation I had to cancel my plans to travel to the mountains (Conifer) today...Harley attempts to run there are TWO other ADULT MEN in the house...does anyone try to stop him? Nope, it's up to me??? WTF!? Andrew decides to go back outside and screw around in the shed because he can't handle listening to Harley. James just sits there shaking his head...I set a 5 minute timer for Harley to calm himself...which always sends him into a screaming fit...which ends up waking up both Tyler and Zac...UGH! Alrighty, no rest for me at all!

Finally, we talk Harley into going with James to his house to pick up a movie (Shrek the Third...Harley's seen it a THOUSAND times because we've rented it from Blockbuster, Netflix and the library!) but whatever, at least he's calm...NOPE! He can't find his shoes...(They are in the shoe basket, where everyone's shoes belong!) So I had to assist Harley in putting on his shoes...No biggie (except for the incessant screaming!).

Harley announces that his VCR no longer works...I asked him why and he giggles at me and says because he put lotion in it??? WHAT?? WHY?? Do you think he gave me an answer? NOPE! Good thing Shrek the Third was on DVD....or we would've had another behavior! OK, deep breaths mom! Harley and James leave and I got the boys back down for a nap...Back on laundry, unloading the dishwasher, going through the boxes Andrew keeps bringing in (most were marked, he just couldn't seem to read the big black letters!! UGH!).

Harley and James arrive back home and get the movie won't work in my DVD player since mine is so old...Thankfully it worked in Harley's...Situation / behavior averted! YAY...I don't know how much more I can take...James complains to me about how during the whole ride to his house, Harley was 'plucking' his underarm hairs...I don't know what I'm going to do with that...Harley's wanting to shave them and they are barely visible...when he grows hairs in other parts of his body, I won't be able to shave those...I hope he doesn't decide he needs to pluck those out too! LOL and Yeowy ouch!

At this point my sugars were so low I was seeing double and feeling like I was going to pass out. I grabbed a quick slice of cheese, a couple of pretzels and a pepsi (caffeine free of course!). Tyler and Zac wake up just in time for me to be able to run to the store for the things I absolutely need TODAY...without having to take Harley because James is scheduled to be with Harley till 4pm. Andrew decides to go with me and within 3 blocks of the house he's sound asleep! UGH! OK, I guess I have to take the 2 boys into the store on my own? Yup, that's what I did....I don't see why he felt he needed to go with me if he ws just going to sit in the van and sleep while I did power shopping (I only had a 20 minute window to get the things I needed, plus the two younger boys on my own!)...Still got it done though...

Arrive at home with 5 minutes to spare! Whew! Andrew gets mad at me for getting my chores done and telling me that I need to relax some...when am I gonna find the time to relax??? I have a needy baby, Harley and Tyler to feed and have yet to feed myself a real meal today! I sit on the floor with Zac and the laptop and decide to check my mail (and boards)...Then Harley decides he needs to eat once again (a PBJ for him...he wouldn't eat the leftover pasta salad, which is what I 'planned' for dinner!). Tyler tears it up (thankfully) so he had a bowlful of that...I get a reprive for a few minutes (thanks Jamie!!) when a friend IM's me...I'm trying to feed Tyler and least IM'ing is easier because you can always say BRB...LOL...Poor Jamie probably heard more of that than anything (sorry Jamie!). Harley gets back on the computer (my desktop) and crashes it AGAIN! - 2nd time today!! GGGRRRHHH! I don't know what this boy is doing to make it crash!? Zac decides it's time to eat (well, it really is his time to eat) but sweet potatoes don't agree with him very well so he has plain rice cereal with formula...I was so hungry by this time that even that looked edible (and good??) YUCK! Where's Andrew all this time? Organizing his fish tank stuff! Come on already! I could use some help...Go ahead, ignore me (and the list on the dry erase board!) the paperwork he has to turn in tomorrow to get his paycheck!

He comes in and wants to I slop (yes, literally) some pasta salad in a bowl for him and just toss it on the table in front of him...I get yelled at....

Time to give Zac and Tyler a least Andrew helped there and bathed Tyler while I did Zac's bath...Then I noticed that Zac had a cut on his left ear (not something he did himself with his own nails, bigger than that!) I have no idea where this cut came from??? I check his other ear and SWEAR I see blood inside of it...Andrew says it was just dried wax that looked reddish...I don't know? Maybe he's got a problem with his ear and that's why he's been needy today? -- oh he's teething again too, so it could be that too??

While giving Zac and Tyler a bath, Harley decides he has to use the bathroom for #2...we have two bathrooms but he won't use the one downstairs!? The last thing I want is for Tyler to learn to use the toilet the same way Harley does (leading by example ya know!). What's Andrew do??? He opens the damn window!! OK, I have two little boys taking a bath in this bathroom and he's going to open the window? Sure it's a nice day, but the strong wind is COLD! I finished with Zac's bath quickly and then all of a sudden hear a noise in the living room...Andrew has decided to go out there and grab something to eat while Tyler's still in the TUB?? Idiot! You don't leave a 2 year old in the bath unattended!

I'm at my wits end and break down in tears once again...what does Andrew do?? YELL at ME!??? Come on already! Give me a break! (Supposedly I'm calling him a bad person for leaving Tyler alone in the tub??)

Ahh, 7:00 time for bedtime for Zac and Tyler. I work for 1/2 an hour and can't get Zac to stop screaming! You think Andrew would offer to help...??? He didn't...Ok, now I'm just getting mad!! Tyler starts screaming once I get Zac quieted. I gave in and gave him a cup (sippy of course) of milk in his crib...I finally get Zac relaxed by putting him in his vibrating bouncy seat and then head downstairs ... for what??...another load of laundry to be transferred and by now, I have another load that needs to be washed. I come up and Andrew starts yelling at me AGAIN! and having his usual Sunday night temper tantrum...saying I'm playing martyr and trying to do it all...Well, I made the mistake of saying "Someone has to!"... this started an all out shouting match (which I admit, I was shouting back at him to stop yelling at me!!)...Of course, this wakes Zac up again (I told him it would!)...Andrew is getting ready to get his 4th meal of the day (I haven't even had one yet! I am PREGNANT DUDE... GIVE ME A CHANCE TO EAT?!!). I was so mad at him for yelling and waking up Zac I shrugged him off when he touched me...he threw a plastic serving spoon across the kitchen and broke it...then he proceeded to try to slam the dishwasher with the racks still open...So I begged him to stop it before he breaks something more! Just makes him madder! He eats, smokes a carefree cigarette and then sits down to watch the last of the Big Give...I'm still trying to calm Zac and Tyler...Tyler finally falls asleep first! YAY! By now it's 9:00 and Andrew decides he's tired and needs a nap before he heads to work at 11:00...OK, what about sleep for me? I can't say anything (or even sigh!) because it will start the shouting all over again and I'm just tired at this point and don't even want to talk to him no less see him!!

Zac's finally asleep and Harley comes out of his room pacing and talking LOUDLY! about how hungry he is! Andrew, Zac and Tyler are sleeping...It starts me crying all over again!

yes, it is now 10:15, Andrew's just getting up from his nap, Harley's pacing the floor, Zac's asleep in his bouncy seat (and I'll probably let him stay there for the night!) and GASP! I'm eating my first meal of the day...can you guess what I'm eating??? Yup, leftover pasta least I got my prenatal in....

I hope I can sleep tonight...I think I'm beyond exhaustion now. I can't take a Tylenol PM or a 1/2 a unisom...I wouldn't be able to function when I have to get up with Zac...

I'm so sore and having so much cramping now...I hope I didn't overdo it and am losing this baby now!! I'm trying so hard to be a good mom, wife, friend, and just feeling like I'm failling miserably!!

And just to piss me off some more? Andrew just got up from a himself something to eat and drink and now he's laying on the couch for another 15 minutes...Now I have to wait up for his ass so that I can make sure he's awake in time to leave for work!

OK, time to post this, check my boards and try to head off to bed!!

I'm sorry if you read through this whole thing....I doubt anyone would even try to make it all the way through it...

ETA: Ok, can't sleep...came back to fix the typos I saw...

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