Monday, April 21, 2008

Ahhh Sleep! and other good things...

Figured if you made it through my LOOOONG post (2 posts ago) you deserved to hear the follow up...

I got a straight 3 hours of sleep up to deal with Zac and fell asleep on the couch for another hour. So a good 4 hours total!

I must still be tired though...I put Harley's lunchbox in his backpack and then realized I forgot to put his lunch in it LOL!! He would've been pretty upset! At least I realized it before he actually got on the bus! so Kudos to me!

My sweet Scooter Kitty must know I'm feeling down...he brought me a nice juicy SNAKE this morning! YUCKY! I HATE SNAKES...yes, even gardner snakes!

Harley's being much more cooperative today...I hope he makes it through the day with no behaviors...I don't know if I can handle a repeat of last weeks reports!

Zac ended up sleeping in his crib last night..Finally got him in the crib and settled about 1:30 this morning!

Andrew got up at 7 so he could leave for work at 7:30...he kept following me around...I really don't have time for that and I am still walking on eggshells around him! He expects me to be all talkative and happy? I'm still feeling a bit down, but trying to look at the bright side of things...Can't wait for the OB to call with my numbers today!! The cramping stopped (thankfully), so I must've just needed some rest...

Time to stop slacking (aka relaxing) and get the rest of the morning moving!

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