Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tyler gives Zacky a bath

So you can see the captions on the pics...DO you think I gave them a bath? you bet!! I couldn't get any pics since I had Tyler in the big tub and Zac in the little one...But then I 'dipped' Zac into Tyler's bath water...Both of them were soooo amazed to see that they may someday be able to take a bath together. I am looking forward to that..but not to the mess my bathroom will be after 2 little boys take a bath together...Oh I remember when Kelly and Robert were still young enough to take baths together...Anyone got a raincoat they can pass on? LOL

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Ruth said...

Love the pics of Ty trying to give Zac a bath. Too cute!

I get my backgrounds from They make all sorts of layouts and pictures and such for blogger, myspace, etc. It's free and they are always adding new ones. I didn't think i would like the desert one as much as I do! I'll still be rotating layouts, but i must remember that one.

How is everyone in your crew doing? Any news on your irish twins yet?