Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Shaping up....

to be a difficult week....
Harley's got a cough and we're having to give him nebulizer treatments...Tyler is also sick (the same cough Harley has!)--no fever or anything but the cough is just awful! Last night he coughed so hard that all of his dinner came up along with the phlegm...poor guy. He's still asleep now - so very unusual for him! And then me, I believe I experienced a chemical pregnancy again this month...And now I'm in extreme pain that not even vicodin is helping and bleeding bright red and soaking through EVERYTHING!

Even though I'm feeling so awful (and movement makes the pain worse) I have sick kids to tend to AND I have to disinfect the house to try to avoid Zachary getting this awful cough!!

Then tomorrow we have the homebulders' coming to take pics of the house and determine if they want to donate the cost and labor to finish the basement and fix the backyard so it's not just a huge mud pit....Of course Andrew's gonna have to deal with them because I have an eye dr's appointment...Gotta find out why I can't see anymore...Maybe that's what's causing these awful headaches too? PLUS Robert's got an eye appt at the same time, so it's not like I can reschedule it...
He failed his eye screening at school back in November and his dad was given the referral to have his eyes checked more at the private doctor. Did he give me the form back in December when they gave it to him??? NO!! they mailed it to me 3 weeks ago with a note saying that it was 'provided to parent on 12/11/07'....UGGH!

And Baby Zac is 3 months old today!! I'll have to try to get some pics of him (if the day can slow down some!!) and get them up here!

Hope everyone has a better day than mine's gearing up to be so far!!

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