Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Do they belong to you?

So one of my errands today was to go out to Walgreens...Exciting huh?  After going through the store doing my shopping (with Tyler on foot and Kelly & Robert chasing him...when will they learn not to turn it into a game?) I get to the register with a crying Zac and the cashier asks...Do they all belong to you?  I wasn't sure what she was insinuating, so I took it lightly and said "Why yes, except there's one missing" (I tend to do these errands when Harley's not with me or I end up buying the whole store!)...She laughs and says "At least you spaced them nicely so that they can all help each other"...I guess it's better than being recognized as Zac's Grandma..which has happened to me too many times already--but I still visit Target....

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