Sunday, September 23, 2007

The "family reunion" for Grandpa Ice Cream!

Since Andrew's dad started coming over to see us, he has always brought with him some ice cream. It is a tradition (although we see him only once or twice a year). A few months ago, grandpa was diagnosed with kidney failure and bone marrow cancer. He has since been released from chemotherapy, but continues on dialysis three times a week. Yesterday the whole family got together for a celebration of his life...And called it a family reunion as well...Some of the cousins and aunts and uncles in attendance hadn't seen Andrew since he was about 3 years old (40 years ago!!). It was a fun time but by the end of the day I was so exhuasted!!! After running after Tyler nearly all darned day long I was having contractions so I had to pamper myself when I got home...Boy was I hurtin'!!
BUT we got some pics I wanted to share!

Andrew and his dad:
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The parents and "the kids!" (Andrew's the youngest!). This is the first time they have all been together in over 25 years!!
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Raymond and his brood (Wait! Matthew's missing!)...He's off swimming in the pool!!
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And our Motley Crew!!
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Terry wasn't able to bring her family and we missed out on getting a group photo of Tom and his significant other with her kids...There's supposed to be some e-mails coming my way with pics of those I missed out on!!

Grandpa Ice Cream ended the day by saying that he's going to wait around long enough to meet #5 -- Baby Zac!! It brought tears to my eyes!!


Josephine said...

Looks like a wonderful time!

Screaming Grasshopper said...

you have such an awesome way to express yourself!! when my grandpa died 18ish months ago it was so nice that i was able to get pictures of him with DS. those are memories that i will never have a do-over chance for and i am thankful i took the opportunity!
you have a very special family-- what a lucky woman you are!